Hot Wheels Roll In From Around The World To Comfort Sick Toddler

Hot Wheels Roll In From Around The World To Comfort Sick ToddlerHot Wheels are leading the way to recovery for a sick little boy in Utah.

Ethan Carnesecca, who turned 3 years old on April 5, has been at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City for the past few weeks. He was hospitalized after a case of pneumonia took a turn for the worse, KSL reports. But while he has been undergoing all sorts of uncomfortable procedures and treatments, there is one thing keeping him comfortable and cool — Hot Wheels.

“They’re all aware of how important these cars are,” Ethan’s mother, Michele, told KSL of the hospital’s doctors and nurses. “They don’t take them out of his hands. [Before each procedure] they’ll run around the hospital trying to find a car for him.”

John Lambert is friend of the Carneseccas, and a Hot Wheels collector who runs the blog Lamley Group — a site dedicated to “diecast collecting for car nerds.”. After hearing of the toddler’s condition, Lambert wrote about Ethan’s story and his shared love for collectible toy cars. The post picked up speed, and soon people from around the world, including places like Malaysia, Japan and parts of Europe, were sending Hot Wheels to Ethan.

“Well, the word is out, and it is nice to see our collector community getting some attention” a post on the blog reads. “You are a generous bunch, whether by gifts or just good thoughts and vibes sent Ethan’s way.”

As of Monday, Ethan had received about 100 of the toy cars, KSL reports, and the toys keep rolling in.

Hot Wheels can be mailed to Ethan at this address:
Ethan Carnesecca
c/o Primary Children’s Hospital
100 Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132


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