EPICT EPP-100 Android Projector

EPICT EPP 100 Android Projector

The EPICT EPP-100 Android Projector may not be the most powerful projector to come along, but it’s got two things going for it that we highly recommend: affordability and convenience. This teensy tiny little cube can fire up a DVD quality 80-inch diagonal image. It also boasts Bluetooth capabilities that extend its functionality beyond what comes out of the box thanks to its USB 2.0 jack.

Additionally, it runs on the highly acclaimed Jelly-Bean operating system, and gives you quick access to the Google Play Store for anything you think you might need. Perfect for offices looking at low-cost projector options for the boardroom, or for anyone, who doesn’t mind a little scale back in resolution to get an 80-inch viewing screen.

EPICT EPP-100 Android Projector is a post from: inStash

EPICT EPP 100 Android Projector

EPICT EPP 100 Android Projector

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