Construction Worker In Singapore Caught On Camera Saving Toddler Dangling From Building Ledge

Construction Worker In Singapore Caught On Camera Saving Toddler Dangling From Building Ledge

A migrant construction worker in Singapore has been dubbed a hero after he was captured on camera rescuing a 3-year-old girl who was dangling precariously from a building’s ledge after her head got stuck in a railing.

According to blogger Alvin Lim, whose friend reportedly filmed the rescue, a passer-by had seen the toddler in distress on Thursday afternoon and had shouted for help. Two men are said to have attempted to climb onto the second-floor ledge to help the child, but they were unable to heave themselves up.

That’s when two construction workers who were doing repairs on a road nearby reportedly dashed to the scene. In the video, one of the men is seen pulling himself onto the ledge and rushing to help the girl.

Lim says the man’s colleague helped him on the second floor to free the child.

The girl had been released by the time firefighters arrived at the scene a few minutes later, the Straits Times reports. She was brought down to safety with the help of a ladder.

It remains unclear how the child ended up on the ledge in the first place.

The Straits Times identified the man in the video as Shanmuganathan, a migrant worker from Chennai, India. He reportedly went promptly back to work after rescuing the girl.

According to Channel News Asia, the Singapore Civil Defence Force will recognize the workers’ heroism by bestowing them both with a Public Spiritedness Award.

The two men’s heroics seem to have struck a chord in Singapore, where tensions have flared in the past between locals and the city-state’s growing migrant population. Social media was abuzz with the story Friday as netizens praised the men for their quick and life-saving action.


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