5 Easy-To-Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her

5 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her

We’re guessing you already know how to make a killer mimosa when you’re hosting a brunch (fill the glass up with 90 percent champagne, then add a drop of OJ). However, your tastes may differ from her tastes. So it’s always good to have a few go-to cocktail options if you’re having guests over or if you’re hosting a date for dinner. These five summer cocktails are simple to make and can make you look like a seasoned barkeep.

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We recommend giving any and all recipes a test run before offering them up to someone else. This will allow you to perfect the recipe and, more importantly, provide a great excuse to get sloshed. Plus, some involve a few steps — nothing crazy, just a little extra prep time — so going for it on the fly may prove unwise.

#1. JBF Bramble (pictured)

2 parts Bicardi Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron
¾ parts lemon juice
¾ parts simple syrup
¾ parts of blackberry purée

Make It:

Shake all ingredients vigorously with plenty ice, strain into a highball glass then pack it with crushed ice and drizzle blackberry purée on top. Garnish with a blackberry skewer and basil leaf.

5 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her
#2. Cruzan Peach Sparkler

1 1/2 parts Cruzan Peach Rum
2 1/2 parts sparkling wine
2 1/2 parts soda water
1 lime wedge
1 strawberry

Make It:
Squeeze lime wedge into a champagne flute and add remaining ingredients. Stir and garnish with a strawberry.

5 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her

#3. Mint Julep Poptails

4 fl oz Clyde May’s Whiskey
24 fl oz Mint Syrup (2 cups water, 1 cup sugar, 1 bunch chopped mint)

Make it:
Combine water, sugar and mint and bring to a boil stirring with a whisk until sugar has dissolved to create mint syrup. Strain mixture; allow to cool before adding Clyde May’s whiskey. Pour complete mixture into 2 fl. oz popsicle molds evenly and place into freezer overnight. Makes 12 poptails.

Recipe from King of Pops, Atlanta

 5 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her

#4. All The King’s Horses

1½  oz Grey Goose Le Melon
1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz St. Germain
1 jalapeno

Make It:
Muddle one slice jalapeno in a shaker. Add remaining ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain into a Collins glass filled with fresh ice and top with soda and jalapeno garnish.

5 Easy To Make Summer Cocktails That’ll Impress Her

1 oz Grey Goose
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz simple syrup
3 oz cranberry juice
Splash of orange liquor

Make it:
Fill glass slightly above rim with cubed ice. Pour ingredients in order listed to ½ inch from top of glass. Stir slowly and present with a fresh blackberry and a slice of lemon

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