World War I Photo Album

World War I Photo Album

Of all the things we’ve ran from Kickstarter, this is probably the most unique that we’ve found to be inStashable. It’s also an incredible part of world history that nobody knew existed, until now. Dean Putney’s great-grandfather Walter Koessler was part of the German Army during World War I. He also was able to take some amazing photographs of what it was like to live on the war front, in the trenches and the ruins.

If you have any interest in history whatsoever, then you need to head over to the crowd-funding site and send a few bucks Putney’s way, though he’s already made the funding goal. The price we’ve quoted is for the hardbound book, but there are cheaper donation options to get you access to the photos in digital form.

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World War I Photo Album

World War I Photo Album

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