Will this Samsung be an iPhone Killer? Could be!

Will this Samsung be an iPhone Killer? Could be!

There are other smartphones out there, but it always seems to come down to iPhone vs. Galaxy. After Apple’s iPhone 6 salvo last fall, Samsung is poised to strike back with something new—something they hope will reinvent the Galaxy line, along with the company’s image. After T-Mobile gave the world a teaser of their new Galaxy S6 via Twitter during the Oscars, the Internet hype is roaring in anticipation of its March 1st unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2015.

What keeps Samsung at the forefront of mobile innovation is its ability to create new product categories. Let’s rewind back to 2011: a time when everyone laughed at the notion of Samsung releasing a smartphone/tablet hybrid, which would later earn the coined term “phablet.” The joke was on us. The company’s Galaxy Note line not only helped create a new billion-dollar business, but also paved the way for the big-phone trend that every mobile manufacturer quickly adopted—including Apple years later with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Then came the skeptical response to Samsung’s dual-screen handset, the Galaxy Note Edge—a prototype-turned-launch device that shortly won over millennials with its striking, ultramodern design. If the rumors pan out, both Galaxy S6 variants should fall in line with those groundbreaking devices. The company’s recent tweet hints at a straight edge design for the standard model, whereas hearsay suggests the Edge version will sport a three-sided panel to deliver a multi-faceted screen experience like no other.

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