Wear These: Woodzee Sunglasses

Affordable and eco-conscious, the Woodzee company uses recycled material for their products and recycled material for their packaging. Above all, they make cool stuff, like these shades …

Wear These: Woodzee SunglassesBanning Pear Wood Sunglasses ($ 100 @ woodzee.com)
They’re classic looking specs with a prominent keyhole bridge, which is terrific for guys like us who have goose-sized honkers. Still, even with our huge schnozzes, the laminated pear wood is quite comfy. Smoothly rounded edges and a straight brow combine to provide the perfect frame for polarized lenses, and the stainless steel spring hinges operate with effortless efficiency.

Wear These: Woodzee SunglassesFerris Pear Wood Sunglasses ($ 100 @ woodzee.com)
Slightly different than the Banning Pear Wood shade — the keyhole is missing — these Ferris Pear Wood glasses feature broad arms and a sturdy retro cut create an iconic appearance that evokes the height of style. The sleek pear wood is both durable and easy to match, making these polarized lenses the perfect functional accessory for any look.

Wear These: Woodzee SunglassesClassic American Oak Sunglasses ($ 150 @ woodzee.com)
Perfect for a no-frills option or a gift for a lady friend, these unisex shades contain a pair of high-quality polycarbonate black lenses. They’re also lightweight and go with just about everything in your wardrobe (including your birthday suit.). These comfortable offerings feature broad frames, and they deliver 100 percent UV 400 protection, so they’re great for keeping the sun from outshining your winning grin.

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