Trakdot: Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Trakdot: Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Trakdot: Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Trakdot: Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Whenever you fly and check a bag, you always have to wonder whether your bag will arrive when you do, especially if you have a new stops and layovers along the way. Trakdot is designed to help you keep track of your suitcase when you travel. The pint-sized device is placed in your checked luggage, and then reports its location in real time to any mobile phone or SMS-capable device. For instance, if you land in San Francisco and your luggage doesn’t, you can easily pinpoint where you and your suitcase became separated during your travels, and hopefully retrieve your bag a little quicker.

In addition to sending your luggage’s location to your phone, your bag’s location can be sent to you via email. Bags can also be tracked on Trakdot’s website, as well as with Trakdot’s free application. Useful even when your bag isn’t lost, an additional app can even let you know when your suitcase is approaching on the baggage carousel. A single Trakdot device can be linked to several different smartphones for tracking, and each phone can track multiple Trakdot devices. So, Mom can track the entire family’s luggage on her iPhone.

Trakdot is expected to be available in March of this year (2013) for a suggested retail price of $ 49.95. Activating the device will cost an additional $ 8.99, plus an annual service free of $ 12.99.


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