This Tetris-Themed Watch Will Only Cost You About $19K

This Tetris Themed Watch Will Only Cost You About $19K
If you’re a guy who loves watches and also has a spare $ 18,950 stuffed under the mattress — and let’s be serious here, what guy doesn’t? — Swiss watchmaker RJ-Romain Jerome and The Tetris Company have created the perfect timepiece to cover your naked wrist: the Tetris-DNA. Unsurprisingly, the watch face features a cluster of the same Tetris pieces that invaded your dreams after hours of playing it on GameBoy. The Tetrominos (aka the Tetris shapes) are housed in a titanium case.

For those of us who only have between $ 50 and $ 18,949 to spend, we’ll have to stick to watches that are $ 50 or less, $ 100 or less, $ 200 or less, or $ 300 or less.

And for those of us who don’t care about watches but love Tetris, there’s this amazing video of a dude cleaning house in the game that can be found in this lovely post: Happy 31th Birthday, Tetris!

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