The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

While it’s perfectly acceptable to don a pair of sunglasses come rain (erhm, hello hipsters) or shine, wearing the type that flatters your face is what’s essential. Discovering which shades best suit you and your lifestyle can be a bit daunting, however, simply because there are so many different styles to choose from! Whether you are obsessed with oversized lenses, prefer a more classic look or are just absolutely stumped with where to start, we’ve listed the different types of sunglasses to encourage you to make an informed decision that will help you to look good and feel good!

Before we go on to list the many styles of shades, we encourage you to base your preference on your face-shape; is it round, square, oval or heart-shaped?  Also, are you looking for something practical or is fashion your only concern?

Once you have a good idea of what to look out for in eyewear, you can now browse through the list of the different types of sunglasses to determine which pair should be your next pick.


We’ll start with the most classic and popular type of shades; Aviators. These sunglasses date back to WWII and before they became a fashion statement, they were designed for fighter pilots who needed to shade their eyes from the sun at all angles. This style of eyewear generally features a dark metal frame, a distinct teardrop shape, and reflective or smoke lenses. The large lenses are practical but are also quite trendy.

Best suits: round, oval, and square face shapes.

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses


These are retro sunglasses that have an uncanny way of making you look smart. Often referred to as Clubmasters, this pair of eyewear can be distinguished by their thicker frame at the top and thinner frame at the bottom. These shades made their first appearance back in the 1940s and famous types like Colonel Sanders and Malcolm X helped to evolve them into a statement accessory.

Best suits: oval, heart, round and square face shapes.


While square frames might look, well, square – they are, in fact, shape-shifters in the game of style and fashion. For instance, if you would like to give your narrow jawline a bit of balance or add some angles to a rounded face, then these block-shaped lenses are the trick you’re after. And if you find the style a little too “boring”, why not opt for a retro pair or look to celebrities like Elton John for some inspiration.

Best suites: round and oval face shapes.


If you have it in mind to come across as the cool and casual type, then iconic round-shaped shades are the perfect “partner in crime”. While the lenses are always circular in shape, the frames often vary and can be thick or thin – which obviously changes their appeal. A great go-to style for many musicians (think John Lennon), circular sunglasses will always remain a fashion trend.

Best suites: oval and square face shapes.

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses


Sporty glasses tend to appeal to the more adventurist types and tend to be selected for their practical use instead of as a fashion statement – although this is not always the case. Sports shades are characterized by their thin frames and sleek lenses that taper at the temples. If you are looking for eyewear that helps you to focus on the task at hand (while looking good), then these are your guys. Engineered to fight glare and peak your visibility, many Sport designs feature special polarized lenses. Combined with a good sports watch, they make a great accessory for men.

Best suits: heart-shaped faces.

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are slightly more feminine in appeal, although many men have been able to pull the look off while remaining ruggedly handsome. These shades can be identified by their upswept and retro frames that are wider at the sides and thinner at the top and bottom. First made popular by movies stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Cat Eyes are perfect for those you have a catty attitude and a smirk to match.

Best suits:  well-suited for all face shapes.

Keyhole Bridge

If you love everything vintage then we are certain you’ll find the “old-school” style of Keyhole Bridges appealing. This pair of shades gets its name from the fact that the bridge looks like – you guessed it – a keyhole! And because of its unique shape, these sunglasses are ideal for those who have a low nose bridge. If you are looking for glasses that are stylishly unique, we suggest you try on a pair of these babies.

Best suits: oval and square face-shapes

Brow Bar

If you’re looking for something quirky that’s definitely going to make a fashion statement, then give a pair of Brow Bars a go. These shades are currently very trendy and are pretty much inspired by many recent sci-fi movies, making them very modern. Brow Bars are characterised by the addition of a second brow bar that rides along your eyebrows. They are fun, funky, and come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes – with different lens colours too!

Best suits: round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses


Oval shades should be a staple for any collection. They are an emulsion of round and square sunglasses and are well-suited to most face shapes. If you want to play it safe, go for oval lenses. The good news is that just because you go oval, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring. These shades come in a huge assortment of colours, patterns and frame sizes.

Best suits: perfect for most face shapes.


With such a delicate name, you’d expect this pair to be on the more feminine side. Well, while they definitely look great on the fairer sex, many designs are more masculine in appeal, even ruggedly so. With frames that are shaped like two butterfly wings, these shades work well on longer face shapes and will add a touch of flair to your persona.

Best suited for: heart, oval, and round-shaped faces


Not as box-shaped as square glasses or as rounded as the more oval types, Rectangle sunglasses are another “go-to” option if you prefer the more modest designs. With these shades, the frame of the lens is wider than it is tall – so, rectangular. Rectangular frames are a safe option and compliment nearly every face-shape, except for individuals with very square jaw-lines.

Best suited for: heart, round, and oval-shaped faces

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses


Wayfarers are a versatile pair of sunglasses that have flattered many diverse personalities. From the likes of Bob Dylan to artists like Andy Warhol, these shades keep making their debut into the world of fashion and will always remain a timeless classic. Characterised by their signature thick frame and a trapezoidal shape, Wayfarers are humble glasses that can be dressed up, or down.

Best suited for: oval and round-shaped faces


Rimless glasses can take on any shape and colour, the part that makes them unique, however, is that they are, well, rimless! With these shades, the lenses are mounted directly onto the bridge and temples and there no frames holding them in place. Thanks to the influence of Hollywood’s most iconic celebrities, rimless glasses are currently making a huge resurgence in popularity.

Best suited for: most face shapes, depending on the shape of the lenses.

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses


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The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses

The Essential Guide To Different Types of Sunglasses
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