The Best Fragrance For Men

The Best Fragrance For MenNo woman wants to be close to a man who smell like rotting B.O. Fragrance choice for a man is as important to his personal presentation and appearance as bathing every day. Pick the wrong fragrance and it seems like you showered in chemicals instead of water. Pick the right one and women will find excuses to get closer. Let’s take a peek at some of the different options for the best fragrance for men.

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Kenneth Cole’s Black is a popular staple in every man’s fragrance collection. Combining a woodsy, spicy scent with a hint of fruit, Black is considered a daytime fragrance. First appearing on the market in 2003, and a one-time department store only purchase, Black is readily available in locations across the country. Varying in size, Black is affordable for most men.

With strong tones of sandalwood and citrus, Caroline Herrera’s 212 for Men remains one of the bestselling fragrances on the market for men today. Introduced in late 1999, 212 isn’t overbearing, and brings a clean, sophisticated scent to any man, and comes in multiple sizes, fitting any man’s budget.

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An oldie but a goodie, Calvin Klein’s Eternity has been one of the longest running, bestselling fragrances for men of all-time. Crisp and refined, Eternity blends the smell of rosewood, jasmine, sage and basil to make up the best fragrance for men to use when they want to make an impact.

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