The Best Body Wash For Men

The Best Body Wash For MenNeed a new non-soapy scent? Does your girlfriend refuse to cuddle with you at night because of your “soapy” smell? If you’re looking for the best body wash for men, the following are highly recommended by girlfriends nationwide.

One of the top selling brands of body wash for men is Axe. Axe is a major manufacturer of body sprays, shampoos and body washes. Men can choose from a variety of customized body wash scents; including Blast, Shock, Rise, Excite and the ever-popular Phoenix. While you will likely not receive the same type of affection from women shown in commercials, your significant other will appreciate your new-found love of scents. The best part about Axe products is that they are affordable; you can pick up a bottle of their body wash for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

Another of the best body wash for men choice is Old Spice. Like Axe, Old Spice produces a variety of shower products, deodorants, gels and body sprays. Old Spice is popular among men of all ages and is often recommended by women. Your friends may tell you that Old Spice will make you smell like an old person, but it’s not true. Women love this scent and your sweetheart will too.

While they won’t admit it, men often use their girlfriend’s body wash. Who can blame them? Women normally make better choices when it comes to great-smelling products. Get yourself out of the habit of stealing your girlfriend’s body wash and pick up a bottle of Aromatherapy Body Wash from Bath and Body Works. While it isn’t as cheap as Axe or Old Spice, this best body wash for men will leave you smelling wonderful all day long.

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