The Best 3-in-1 Body Washes For Men

The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men

Great 3-in-1 Grooming Products For Guys

The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men#1. Old Spice Shampoo Hair + Body Wash High Endurance ($ 11.50 @

Whether you’re rubbing Old Spice’s 3-in-1 up top, down below, or somewhere in between, the triple-action shower gel/shampoo/conditioner will rinse off dirt and grime and leave you smelling less like a barnyard.

The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men#2. American Crew Classic ($ 12 @

Sage leaf extract clean and stimulates your hair and results in a silky smooth feeling; as a shampoo, the citric acid refreshes while formula detangles and leaves your hair with a shiny coating.

The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men#3. AXE ($ 4 @

Perfect for the gym or guys chronically on the go, Axe’s Total Fresh leaves you smelling, uh, fresh, and clean.





The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men#4. NIVEA MEN Platinum Protect ($ 4 @

If you’re an active guy — you hit the gym and/or run from the cops often — this deodorizing 3-in-1 product from Nivea can clean you up without drying out your skin. It does contain sulfates, so hippies and purists need not bother.

The Best 3 in 1 Body Washes For Men#5. Adidas Male Personal Care ($ 5 @

Enriched with vitamin B5, the formula was generated to hydrate you from head to toe. Best of all, you won’t smell all chemically when you’re done. The sporty, fresh scent isn’t overpowering, either.

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