Swivl Personal Cameraman

Swivl Personal Cameraman

If you’re someone that likes or needs to record themselves – be it for work, school projects, or vanity – then the Swivl is a helpful little device that can act as your own personal cameraman.

You mount your iPhone (or other iOS device) to the dock then let it follow you around by way of a marker. It has a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and can swivel 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically. It also supports other pocket video cameras that are tripod mountable.

Along with that, the best feature is arguably the iOS digital microphone in the marker. This allows you to capture high quality digital audio wirelessly with a lossless connection that doesn’t get affected by background noise, making it perfect to use even in loud surroundings.

It’s a really neat little gadget that is perfect for those select individuals that it’s designed for.

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Swivl Personal Cameraman

Swivl Personal Cameraman

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