Study: Dating Online Isn’t So Amazing

Study: Dating Online Isn’t So Amazing

Despite our feelings collectively shifting when it comes to online dating — the masses no longer think it’s just for weirdos and losers — it turns out that dating online doesn’t render the results we’d all hoped. Which totally sucks because now us single guys have to make an effort to talk to people again. The world can be so ugly and unfair.

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According to data collected from researchers at Michigan State University involving more than 4,000 adult between 2009 and 2013, people who meet online are less likely to get married and more likely to break up than people who meet the old fashion way — sending a letter to a woman you think is cute with the message: “Do you like me? yes/no circle one and give back.”

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The lady who headed the research, Aditi Paul, cited three reasons for this trend:

1) There are too many options when dating online.

2) Online relationships take more time to evolve than traditional relationships.

3) Trust is harder to earn when dating online.

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