‘Star Wars’ X-34 Landspeeder is a pedal-powered win

‘Star Wars’ X 34 Landspeeder is a pedal powered win

‘Star Wars’ X 34 Landspeeder is a pedal powered win

The Landspeeder, a hovering civilian transport vehicle that could scoot across the land at a fair clip. Now, a kid in Detroit has a Landspeeder of his very own, thanks to the efforts of an extremely geeky and extremely handy “Star Wars”-fan dad. The Landspeeder was built as a sixth-birthday present for his son.

The base is a  pedal-powered Kettcar. The body was built around it using plenty of pine boards and paneling. The engine pods are fashioned from wood scraps and flower pots.

The result is a pretty impressive Landspeeder that even has the right sort of earth-tone colors. It’s a bit hefty, so smaller kids need a push to get going.

A geeky twist? It has a spray-painted “bumper sticker” of Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbes” pissing on a Death Star. Take that, Vader.


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