Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For GuysIf you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to wear shorts to work, don’t blow it by going all Spicolli and dressing like a lazy slob. Additionally, if you’re wearing them on a date, you need them to accentuate the style of the rest your getup. So along with the basics — don’t wear “shants” (i.e. half-shorts, half-pants), don’t let them hang off of your ass, etc. That said, the style in which you choose isn’t limited to pleated khakis, either. In fact, stay away from pleats.Like, always.

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The patters, fabric, and styles you choose should allow you to feel comfortable without clashing with whatever vibe you’re looking to put out. And, of course, the fabric needs to be weather-specific. As in, if you’re prone to sweating your ass (and nuts) off, shell out more for syntehtic fabrics that wick up moisture opposed to organic materials that simply sop it up.

#1. Oakley Fox Shorts ($ 30 @ Amazon.com)
Lightweight and comfortable, these slim-fit shorts sport deep pockets that can easily hold your essentials like wallet and keys. Made to be cool on even the hottest days, these camo-print microfiber cargo shorts are tailored with a zip fly and snap closure.

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys#2. DC Men’s Worker Hybrid Walkshort ($ 30 @ Amazon.com)
If you’re looking for the perfect beach or vacation shorts, these chino walk shorts will impress you. Designed with a mesh lining, you can swim in these shorts. Add flip-flops and a shirt or tee, and you’re ready for casual dining in a snap.

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For GuysSpring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys

Spring & Summer Shorts Guide For Guys#3. Jet Lag Men’s Take-Off Short ($ 84 @ Amazon.com)
Off-seam front pockets, back flap pockets, and button-flap cargo pockets plus a cool D-ring belt give these shorts a modern vibe. A zip fly and button closure ensure they stay put. Pick your color, as these shorts come in a variety of great looking hues.

Modern Man

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