Sony’s Action Cam: HD Video Of Your Best Falls

Sony’s Action Cam: HD Video Of Your Best Falls
Historically, if you’ve wanted to strap a camera to your helmet, bumper, or handlebars and do something exceedingly dangerous, GoPro cameras have been the go-tos. But this month Sony is releasing its Action Cam, and it’s sure to give GoPro a run for its money when it comes to the way people document themselves being extreme…ly unsafe.

The Action Cam weighs a little more than 3 oz. and features full HD 1080p video captured by a 170-degree Carl Zeiss Tessar fixed-zoom lens, which goes ultra wide-angle or telephoto and facilitates great 16 megapixel still photos. Since users will no doubt be doing some pretty sick sh*t, the Action Cam features image stabilization to reduce shakiness and a slow-mo feature so that your friends can truly relish the comedic value of your accidents later on. Planning on luging down a mountain at night? The camera works well in low-light conditions too.

The camera comes in two versions — one with WiFi ($ 270) and one without ($ 199). WiFi lets you turn your phone, tablet, or computer into a viewfinder — the camera doesn’t come with one — which is a pretty cool feature. There’s no onboard memory, but the Action Cam supports MicroSD and Memory Stick. It comes complete with a waterproof housing (good to 197 feet, so almost as deep as you free dive) and tripod, and Sony is offering up several different mounts. We’d tell you to break a leg making your own action videos with the Action Cam, but that probably goes without saying.

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