Shark With Laser Decal

Shark With Laser Decal

What’s more manly than a shark? A shark with a laser strapped to its head, of course. This cool wall decal fits nicely into our “art and decor” section no matter what your wife or girlfriend might think. Of course, chances are pretty good she won’t let you use it in the living room, but there’s nothing to stop you from throwing it up in the man cave.

The shark measures 42 inches by 34 inches. The laser beam is 6 feet and can be cut to fit any wall. It’s also waterproof, easy to install, and will last a good three to five years in outdoor life. (But seriously, this bad boy belongs inside.)

Shark With Laser Decal is a post from: inStash

Shark With Laser Decal

Shark With Laser Decal

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