Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow

We’re not complete slobs, but we can be guilty of leaving a plate of six in the sink for a few weeks days before we finally get around to removing the dried foodstuffs (or throwing it away if it’s past the point of no return). So, to come clean, the need for a post about spring cleaning tips actually came about to help ourselves, which in turn we hope helps you, too. After some simple research — for which we lazily hired someone else to do and write up — we scaled down the advice to make a guide for spring cleaning tips easy to handle. In the end, doing so helped our pads look cleaner and earn compliments from our significant others (and in one case, a Tinder pickup).

#1. Set A Goal
Sounds like common sense, right? It might be, but we’re betting you don’t do it. Instead of looking at the broad mess you’re living in, figure out what specifically you’re looking to accomplish. How the hell can you know if you’re getting stuff done if you haven’t defined your goals? Once you’ve gotten granular, you can then …

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#2. Narrow Your Focus
If the downstairs closet that’s full of old board games and dead bodies is bugging you most, screw the goddamn overflowing kitchen cupboards and start rifling through the closet. And don’t stop until it’s done. If that means taking the day, take the entire date. Also, make a list. Psychologically, checking stuff off as you complete it provides a sense of satisfaction. Putting drops in too many buckets can lead to frustration and make it seem as if you’re not accomplishing much.

#3. De-clutter
Easier said that done, right? We get it. And that’s why we came up with an entire post dedicated to the topic of getting organized …

That said, this batch of spring cleaning products can help keep allergens at bay, your laundry sorted, your hands less germy, and your floors less crumby.

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow#1. HOLMES WI-FI AIR PURIFIER ($ 200 @

Built to keep things like dander, allergens, and other airborne irritants out of your home, this Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier synchs with your Apple or Android smartphone to set a schedule that checks air quality and makes adjustments to settings. Unlike old-school remotes, you don’t need to be in the same room to monitor the humidifier to adjust settings such as the fan speed and duration.

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow#2. GOOD GRIPS DOUBLE HAMPER ($ 60 @

Don’t pile your clothes on the floor or in front of your closet. Take the extra nanosecond and find a home for your soiled drawers, sicko. With the folding flaps instead of a lid, you’re able to stuff dirty clothes into the bin while effortlessly keeping whites and darks separated (please keep any awful racist one-liners to yourself). The side handles  allow you to carry the hamper with ease when it’s ready to be washed, or drag it into the closet that you no doubt just cleaned out when company (read: you mom) drops in for a surprise visit.

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips Any Guy Can Follow#3. BLACK + DECKER CORDLESS HAND VAC ($ 50 @

Screw cords! We cut our cable years ago, and we’ve been fans of the cordless phone since the Zack Morris era. Now we’re ready to embrace a cordless vacuum that sucks up dirt, pet hair, and marijuana bits that fell out of pipes. Um, sorry. We meant, spilled granola bits. Anyway, the Black + Decker dust buster has a rotating nozzles that help to clean away dirt in any corner or crevice. Extra components, including a brush, are attached to the vacuum for additional cleaning options.

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