Perfect drug for perfect pitch? New study tests valproate

Perfect drug for perfect pitch? New study tests valproate

No, this pill won’t make you talented
As exciting as these initial findings might sound, don’t rush out to buy valproate hoping to win the next “American Idol.”

“Certain aspects of our findings warrant further discussion,” the scientists conclude at the end of their study. “It was not possible to establish baseline performance on the AP (absolute pitch) task, as the association between the musical notes and the names was necessarily established during training.”

The study did not measure reaction times, which “constitute a relevant measure to use in future follow-up studies.” The size of the group tested was also smaller than other recent absolute-pitch studies.

“If further studies continue to reveal specificity of VPA to the AP task (or to tasks on which training or intervention is provided), critical information will have been garnered concerning when systemic drug treatments may safely be used to reopen neural plasticity in a specific, targeted way,” the scientists conclude.

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