Paravelo Flying Bicycle

Paravelo Flying Bicycle

Okay, don’t get too excited. We’ll preface this Kickstarter project by telling you that donating will not get you your very own Paravelo Flying Bike. But it will get the kind chaps at London-based XploreAir off the ground, so to speak, in pushing forward with the final designs so you can soon pick one up for yourself. The concept apparently works, if you watch the video over at their project page.

Not sure if I should be thrilled or terrified. While there’s no doubt in my mind, I’d never get several feet off the ground on a bike, I know my wife would, and that’s scary enough. What about you guys — were bikes meant for flying? (And did I just ask that question?)

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Paravelo Flying Bicycle

Paravelo Flying Bicycle

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