Oculus Promises ‘Big Year’ For VR In 2014

We wish we could give you a date and a final specs listing for the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove virtual reality device, but we’re just not there yet. However, the company promised this week that 2014 would be a “big year for virtual reality,” so maybe an announcement on the consumer model will happen soon.

In the meantime, the Crystal Cove has tons of people stoked about the VR possibilities. Incorporating an embarrassment of riches when it comes to motion sensor tech, the CC sees what you see, and it does so without lag time for an experience that won’t get you sick. Engadget gave it the top honor for its CES awards this year, and once you realize the implications of what a superior piece of VR can mean, you’ll have no trouble understanding why.

Crystal Cove can be used in athlete training, surgery simulation, virtual tours of Mars, video gaming, engineering, and a number of other industries. The developers kits are being sold for $ 300 right now. Execs have voiced their desire to keep the consumer model of Rift in the same window, but no price has been announced at this time.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]

Oculus Promises ‘Big Year’ For VR In 2014

Oculus Promises ‘Big Year’ For VR In 2014

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