Nike Adapt BB

Nike Adapt BB

It is not easy being Nike as folks from around the world look up to the brand to provide them with more innovative footwear solutions. This is more evident among basketball professionals who must rely on Nike’s technological ingenuity to give them the right performance shoe. This is the fundamental goal in the design of the Nike Adapt BB.

This is a performance-fitting basketball shoe that features Nike’s latest technology that follows in the footsteps of the Flyknit, Huarache, and Flywire. The Adapt system combines power-lacing with Nike’s own performance-intensive application. What it does is that the sensors on the shoe keep communicating with the app to make critical adjustments to the lacing of the Adapt BB.

Any intense activity like a game of basketball can put a toll on the feet. In many cases, the feet can expand to about half-size after 2 quarters of intense play. This means your feet will already feel like sardines inside a can. The feet will not be able to breathe and this can translate to pain or discomfort. No player wants to have an aching foot. The Nike Adapt BB makes sure that the shoes are able to adapt to the enlargement of the feet.

The Nike Adapt BB features a gear train and custom motor to keep track of the optimal tension for the shoe. This allows for a snugger fit. The FitAdapt technology allows players to make the appropriate adjustments in the “tightness” or “looseness” of the lacing. They can do this either by pressing a button or by using the Adapt app right on a smartphone.

This is one system that generates better performance on and off the court. The Nike Adapt BB is a technology you will want on your shoes to stay comfy regardless of the intensity of your game.

Nike Adapt BB

Nike Adapt BB
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