Moto360 Bucks The Smartwatch Trends

The Moto360 is a new round-faced smartwatch that takes a classic approach to the modern timepiece. (Looks like someone was listening when a certain designer (featured here) uploaded his concepts to Behance earlier this week.)

In reality, Motorola has had this in its plans for quite some time, illustrated by the amount of progress they’ve made in making this a reality.

Up to this point, most (if not all) smartwatch designs have been built for rectangular form factors.  Moto360 says, Enough!, and actually utilizes authentic leathers and metals for a modern, Android-powered device that is a true wristwatch in every sense of the word. Watch for this in the summer of 2014. No word on price, but it will come in a variety of styles (so perhaps more than one price-point?), and it will feature the “Ok Google” voice control. 

Want to know more than that? Just watch this video: 

Click here to view the embedded video.

Moto360 Bucks The Smartwatch Trends

Moto360 Bucks The Smartwatch Trends

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