Finally, an alternative to online dating that actually makes sense. While made a few strides forward in expanding the overall dating scene, it’s biggest drawback has been that there is no recommendation scene for you to tell whether the girl you’re about to meet is the genuine article. LikeBright takes the concept of meeting through a friend and makes it anonymous to your friend and to the friend of your friend whom you’re pining for via its Facebook app.

If she’s a member and you like her, she’ll be notified, but your identity will be kept a secret unless she likes you, too. If there’s a match, you’re introduced and the magic is then up to you. The only thing we can’t figure out at this point: what if you’re the only one on your friend’s list who’s signed up with the service. Wouldn’t she be able to figure things out via process of elimination? Other than that, it’s definitely a great concept as it continues to grow.

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