Leadr: The Tool Roll Made From A Baseball Mitt

If you can’t leave the baseball game for one day to work in the shop without getting the DTs, then we may have a solution in the Leadr, a versatile, tailored tool roll designed for everyone; hand-crafted from full-grain baseball mitt leather.

It features an elastic web that can accommodate almost anything, anchored with heavy gauge nylon thread. There are 5 narrow sleeves (for pens, small tools, etc.) and 2 wider sleeves (for cables, a AA battery, and so on).

The 3mm DIA closure bungee holds everything in place when rolled up, providing positive tension with both small and large tool collections. It will even hold a complete set of wrenches through 1/2″/14mm firmly in place, making it perfect for cyclists.

Leadr: The Tool Roll Made From A Baseball Mitt

Leadr: The Tool Roll Made From A Baseball Mitt

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