Jack Spade’s Bonded Trench

Jack Spades Bonded Trench
Photo: Jack Spade

Bonded jackets tend to be more on the technical side of fashion and if you’ve been looking for taped seams in something a bit more classic, you don’t have too many options. Jack Spade has come to the rescue with a great looking trench with that classic styling you want and the weather protection you need.

The jacket is a single breasted raincoat that is the perfect springtime jacket and it has taped seams to keep you safe from the elements. It’s also properly tailored for just the right fit and length and ventilation eyelets helps keep the jacket breathable. 

$ 598, available now at jackspade.com.

Jack Spades Bonded Trench Jack Spades Bonded Trench

Jack Spades Bonded Trench

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