How to Win Over Her Friends

You did it. You got the love of your life and she’s the one – or at least for the foreseeable future. Whether you’ve already secured her affections or still trying to convince her that your playboy days are over, the final leg in getting the girl is figuring out how to win over her friends. You’re not in unless her posse of besties gives her the OK, and it’s going to take some of your whimsical charm to get them on your side. To assist, here are just a few, easy tips for how to get you on to romantic bliss … or, at the very least, for how to win over her friends enough to not make them hate you.

Step 1: Say yes
If she casually invites you to join her and her friends for game night or her friend’s awful stand-up show, always say yes. Going to these hangouts is one of the best ways to win over her friends because it shows the girl that you want to get to know her friends and be a part of her life. Once the date is set, it’s time to turn on your charm.

Step 2: Smile
A study in the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” finds that women rely on body language to assess a person more heavily than men do. So while this advice may sound like we’re back in Kindergarten, smile at everyone, always be standing next to her and even when you’re separated in a group, have your body focused in her direction. To win over her friends, your body language must speak louder than your words.

Step 3: Make nice
The final step to win over her friends is to be friends with their boyfriends. If you’ve passed the group hangouts with flying colors, you’ll be invited to more intimate gatherings – birthday dinners, double dates, holiday cocktails. Let’s say you’re a guy’s guy and you’d love nothing more than having a brewski with your bros in the man cave. If your girl’s best friend’s boyfriend is a lover of the arts and reads Foucault before bed, come up with conversation starters in advance. And when he’s talking about his most recent trip to the lovely city of Paris, ask engaging questions and remember Step 2: Smile. Good luck!

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