Finally! Pants You Don’t Have To Wash (Much)

If there is one quality of Man that continues to exist despite our technological advancements, it is the near-universal hatred for doing the laundry, ironing your clothes and always thinking of what to wear for the day ahead. We are, by nature, slobs, and quite proud of the fact. Thankfully, My Bluffs are pants for guys like us — they allow us to be our shlubby selves and look darn good doing it. 

My Bluffs fit in to the office environment, but they can also be rolled up, folded, stuffed in a bag, and worn time and time again without ironing or washing in between. Made from a cool, light material, they are comfortable whether you’re on a bike or stuffed into a crowded subway train. They are machine-washable with an athletic fit and 100 percent breathability. The company behind My Bluffs recommends wearing five times before ever throwing them back into the laundry.

Comes in four styles — charcoal, classic gray, velvet brown, and light khaki.

Finally! Pants You Don’t Have To Wash (Much)

Finally! Pants You Don’t Have To Wash (Much)

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