Epic-M Mysterium-X Collection From Red

Epic M Mysterium X Collection From Red

The Epic-M Mysterium-X Collection is the quickest and most convenient way to get your feature film off the ground. Collecting everything you could possibly need into one bundle of products that can then be mixed and matched for a full customization experience, you will have access to the very best in recording equipment.

The goodies include one camera with side SSD and lens mount ($ 26,000 by itself); a DSMC travel charger for shooting on location ($ 125); four Redvolt batteries ($ 780 total); four Redmag 1.8-inch SSD cards of 128GB ($ 5,000 total); one Redmote for controlling your camera wirelessly ($ 550); one DSMC side handle ($ 950); one Red Touch 5-inch LCD monitor for keeping up with the shot ($ 1,600); and a Bomb EVF [LCOS] viewfinder ($ 3,200). The only thing not supplied is the talent needed to make a decent flick.

Epic-M Mysterium-X Collection From Red is a post from: inStash

Epic M Mysterium X Collection From Red

Epic M Mysterium X Collection From Red

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