Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

Embrace is a smart watch with a slightly different focus. It’s actually designed to save lives and has a definite health focus when compared to something like, let’s say, the Moto 360 or Apple Watch. Embrace can actually monitor not only movement, physical activity, and sleep but detailed physiological responses, stress, and arousal.

Embrace can use all of this data to actually detect seizures, and can alert friends or family members automatically if the user is experiencing one. How often is it that you use a gadget that can actually save your life?

Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

In terms of design, Embrace is starkly minimalistic and teeters on the sci-fi. It uses a LED ring in order to show the time with the hours and minutes position on the ring mimicking that of an analog watch face. Also worth mentioning, is its sleek leather band which looks like it’s designed with real premium leather.

Embrace is currently in the crowdfunding stage at Indiegogo. If you support their “Proud Supporters” level at $ 189, they’ll donate an Embrace to a needy child with epilepsy as well as provide you with your own Embrace.

Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

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