Dungeons & Dragons yoga: Stretch and storm the castle

Dungeons & Dragons yoga: Stretch and storm the castle

At last, Dungeons & Dragons and yoga have joined forces to create an experience so unique it might blow, or at least expand, your mind. It’s D&D yoga, combining old and new positions, narrative and meditation, and it could become a regular event.

A group of yoga practitioners and players attended an experimental session on Saturday in Brooklyn, New York, and were given 10-sided dice and character sheets to start their journey. The players held poses like “Sword One,” which features an outthrust arm. There is even a special pose for rolling the dice.

Dungeons & Dragons yoga is the creation of artist Scott Wayne Indiana. He brought in dancer Sarah Dahnke to create yoga positions that mesh with a campaign run by artist and Dungeon Master Eric Hagan. The storyline involved hidden rooms and a goblin battle, of course.

The D&D yoga concept is still in its infancy. Right now, participants all play the same character (“a roguish rugged individual who has run afoul of the law”), but the project could evolve into something much more elaborate, more like a true melding of RPGs and exercise. Indiana is entertaining requests to facilitate D&D yoga at other events


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