Don’t Go Fishing Again Without The 4-In-1 Kombo Tool

Outdoor gear — particularly the fishing market — is a sector that is ripe for innovation, and for the makers of the Kombo Tool, there’s no better opportunity than the present to seize the day. They’ve done so in spades with their four-in-one fishing mutltool, which consists of a fish bonker, a fillet knife, a scoop spoon, and a sharpener, in one device that won’t sink if you screw up and drop it in the water.

The Kombo Tool is made from a high grade plastic that is very durable. Inside the head of the Kombo, you’ll find the stainless steel knife, which locks in to a mechanism that stabilizes it when not in use. It is weighted in the head by three brass plugs to eliminate any corrosion on the blade. Great space saver and fishing companion for just $ 30.

Don’t Go Fishing Again Without The 4 In 1 Kombo Tool

Don’t Go Fishing Again Without The 4 In 1 Kombo Tool

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