Bye-Bye, Snow Shovel, Hello Robot Snow Plow

Well, we’re a day late and a dollar short, it looks like, but that’s not going to stop us from telling you about the Robot Snow Plow, which you should be able to pick up in time for next year’s spate of storms. This bad boy would be ideal for you poor folks on the eastern half of the US who are having to deal with yet another obnoxious winter storm, but alas, they’ve just sold out of the last batch.

It’s not unlike a Roomba or an automatic mower. Packing six wheels with 13-inch tiller tires, 80-watt headlights for increased nighttime visibility, a Spektrum DSMX DX6i remote (so you don’t have to freeze to death), and six 127 RPM motors, this has all the right stuff for tackling the elements. Best of all, it has a 52-inch wide plow blade that’ll cut through the white stuff like butter.

Bye Bye, Snow Shovel, Hello Robot Snow Plow

Bye Bye, Snow Shovel, Hello Robot Snow Plow

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