B The Flying Car

B The Flying Car

B The Flying Car is the latest piece of wheeled consumer hardware to take flight, and this time around it’s a lot cheaper option than the Terrafugia TF-X we ran last month. Since it’s designed for transmitter controls and not for passenger carry, there’s also little chance a crash will kill you. Yes, this is a high end toy and not a means for travel.

B boasts a vertical take off and landing, 15 minutes of action on a single charge, a large wheelbase to negotiate rough terrains, and an HD 1280×720 pixel cam for some breathtaking aerial views. Transitions between driving and flying also promise to be seamless. It’s currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign via the buy link. The price we have listed is for the fully assembled version. Cheaper versions are available if you want to assemble it yourself. Great piece for hobbyists and filmmakers.

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B The Flying Car

B The Flying Car

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