8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

There are literally two shopping days left until Christmas, and if you haven’t started your shopping for him yet, then you’re running out of time. Luckily, there are still some pretty great gifts out there, from tools to electronics to clothes and more. As a favor to our late shoppers, here are eight last-minute gift ideas that we’re pretty confident he’ll love.

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

BenQ VA VW2235H

The BenQ VW2235H 21.5-Inch, LED-Lit Monitor is a gorgeous monitor for those of you still firmly in the desktop camp. If you haven’t heard the name BenQ before then you’re probably not aware of the magnificent job they do with home theater projectors. Transitioning to an ultra-bright LED monitor like this one was a piece of cake.

The VW2235H boasts a Zero Flicker technology that is incredibly easy on the eyes. The monitor is also Apple MacBook Color Compatible and also properly displays reading mode making it, in our minds, the next best thing to retina display.

Cost: $ 169

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Fortune Prod 001 AccuSharp Knife And Tool Sharpener

AccuSharp has succeeded in creating a device that will sharpen your knives accurately and quickly without wearing down in a hurry. With this device, you could enjoy many years of use before ever having to think about buying a new one. With the protective hand guard, you can pretty much ensure a cut-free relationship between you, the sharpener, and whatever knives you run through it.

AccuSharp has also built a device that allows you to instantly renew those edges without having to go through a big production. (We’re definitely looking at the Japanese grills with the show-off chefs when we say that.) Now everyone can be a master on the blades!

Cost: $ 9

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson

It was easily the greatest fight of the year, and probably one of the best of all time — or at least in the Octagon’s history. Alexander Gustafsson took the virtually unbeaten Jone Jones the distance and hurt the champ several times. There was controversy when the judges raised Jones hand in victory, though the fight was much closer than Gustafsson’s fans would like to admit. Nevertheless, at UFC 165, these two human beings beat the crap out of each other, and on December 24, we can officially relive it on DVD.

Seriously, even if your guy doesn’t routinely watch fight reruns, this one was a classic for the ages and belongs on the shelf of any fight fan.

Cost: $ 17

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Justified Season Four

On the TV front, Christmas Eve also sees the arrival of the fourth season of the Raylan Givens-inspired show Justified starring Timothy Olyphant as Givens. Unfortunately, Dutch (Elmore Leonard) died this year, so he won’t be writing us any more Givens novels, but his creation will continue to live on in this backroads crime drama.

It’s well-acted, intricately plotted, and a lot of fun, especially for old school Leonard fans. This particular season features almost 10 full hours of drama that should be keeping him plenty busy over the Christmas break.

Cost: $ 35

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Digital Magazines

So you didn’t get a chance to finish up his shopping. That can be frustrating, yes, but instead of licking your wounds, why not be proactive and get him a subscription to a guy-friendly magazine. Mags like Maxim, Men’s Health, Inc., Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Stuff, are likely to hold his attention, but ultimately, you probably know your last-minute gift recipient-to-be better than anyone else, so use your judgment.

This gift idea is highly recommended if you’re both connected to your 7- or 9.7-inch eReaders. They stay clean looking, they don’t gradually choke out the room on your coffee table, and you can delete them to make room on your hard drive while always having the option to go back and re-download for free (in case you forgot something). Best of all, you can buy it behind his back, so it’s waiting for him in the cloud when he logs back on his device.

Cost: Varies

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Mark Of The Ninja

We’ve ran it before, but since that time, it’s only amassed dozens more high-quality reviews, further proving itself as a stealth classic. The indie game, marketed through Amazon’s Indie Store, combines clean and hi-def 2D graphics with the straight-forward gameplay of all those classics from yesteryear. It’s just more fluid and looks a heck of a lot better. And if that’s not a reason to pick it up, then maybe the Collector’s Edition release with extra DLC will help. Unfortunately, there’s no Mac Download version at this time, but PC fans can rejoice.

Cost: $ 8

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

Topps Baseball 2013 Complete Set

Whether he’s a collector or just a nostalgia buff, he’ll probably give a smile when he sees this brick waiting for him in his stocking Christmas morning. No matter what age we are, there’s something about thumbing through those cards and checking the stats on the back that no Google search will ever be able to replace. This year’s set has a grand total of 665 cards (including Series 1 and 2). Are they as valuable as these 11 most ridiculously expensive sports cards? Of course not, and they probably never will be. But they’re still a lot of fun, and since we’re talking last-minute gift ideas here, we’re assuming it won’t be his main gift anyway, so why not?

Cost: $ 57

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

NBA Men’s Jersey

Sure, it’s in the teens outside as I’m writing this, but that doesn’t mean summer won’t be here again before you know it. When that time arrives, it would be nice to battle the heat in a sleeveless NBA jersey representing his favorite team. Pictured above is LeBron James, but you can get creative with the jersey selection. After all, not everyone is a LeBron fan. Some folks are from Cleveland.

Cost: $ 2o

[Featured Image via Flickr Creative Commons]

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas He’ll Love

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