5 Surprisingly Terrible Things To Say On A First Date

5 Surprisingly Terrible Things To Say On A First Date

There are lots of things you know you shouldn’t bring up on a first date. What a great cook your ex was. How fantastically well-endowed you are. How one of your favorite things about having just gotten your first smart phone a month ago is that it has a calculator function with which you can compute a 9 percent tip and then divide the total bill so that the two of you can split it equally, well not exactly equally because after all she got a more expensive appetizer.

Thing is, there are several far less obvious things you can say on a first date that will serve as romance kryptonite. And because they sound to you like, at worst, perfectly harmless topics of conversation, and at best, compliments, you probably doesn’t even realize they’re things you shouldn’t say. The good news is that I’m here to help you avoid making the same mistake twice. So if you’re tempted to say any of these things on your next OKCupid outing, shut your trap.

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