5 Simple Ways To Beef Up Mobile Security

5 Simple Ways To Beef Up Mobile Security

With the increased use of mobile devices in recent years, the threat of mobile security is also higher than ever before. Processing your credit card transactions with a mobile device (such as your smartphone or tablet) is a convenient and cost-efficient option.

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Once you follow these five security tips to keep those transactions protected from start to finish, you will be one step closer to reaping the full benefits of using these devices without any unexpected data breaches or security issues.

#1. Keep Your Mobile Device Screen Locked
In order to use your mobile device safely for secured payment processing, you need to make sure that you keep it locked. There are too many security breaches and issues that are caused by people forgetting to lock their devices with a strong password or PIN.

Even when you are using your mobile device for personal purposes (making phone calls, sending emails, etc.), you should still modify the settings on the device to keep the screen locked for added protection. The last thing that you want is for someone to quickly gain access to your phone whenever you have it laying around in the house or out in public.

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#2. Only Use Strong Passwords for All Devices
If you did not think that using a strong password for your mobile device was important before, you definitely should reconsider that now. This is especially the case since you will be using your mobile device to process and finalize credit and debit card transactions for your customers.
Think about the massive amount of confidential data that will be saved and captured within your payment solution as well as the internal storage of your actual device.

If your device is not secured with a strong password, the average cybercriminal would not need to work very hard to gain unauthorized access to it. According to Microsoft, your password should:

• be at least eight characters in length
• not contain an actual word
• not include your real name
• include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

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