5 Great Umbrellas For Guys

5 Great Umbrellas For Guys

We can’t think of one good reason why a guy shouldn’t own at least one quality umbrella. Whether you’re keeping yourself dry or attempting to avoid looking as inconsiderate as Justin Theroux and hogging it when you’re with your spouse, it’s a smart idea to keep one stashed in your car or coat closet. You can go with a cheap one that’ll get destroyed when the lightest breeze hits, or spend a little more now and pick up one that lasts. We vote for the latter, particularly one with a vented canopy, comfy handle (preferably ergonomically designed and cushioned), and possibly automatic opening/closing and a collapsible shaft.

To help you narrow your search, consider these …






5 Great Umbrellas For Guys

#1. LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella ($ 27 @ Amazon.com)

For someone who is consistently on the go and needs something that’ll stand up to downpours when they happen, the LifeTek Travel umbrella (a.k.a. The Traveler 42) is wind-resistant and is designed to fit in backpacks, briefcases, travel bags, and even in the glove compartment of your car. The wind-repelling canopy, and rubberized comfort grip handle make it easy to use.



5 Great Umbrellas For Guys

#2. Blunt XS Metro Umbrella ($ 60 @ www.bluntusa.com)

Its unique design and snazzy look put it beyond the normal umbrella price range, but it does much to compensate. It has specifically designed tips that form their unique Radial Tensioning System, which redirects, transfers and distributes the effort when opening the umbrella. It’s also pretty safe, so you don’t have to worry putting someone’s eye out when they’re passing by. The umbrella boasts an aerodynamic and robust structure, giving you a powerful defense against shitty weather.

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