5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50

5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50

You don’t necessarily wear a watch to tell time. About a million other gadgets and gismos can do that for you — your smartphone being the most obvious and most carried. Well, that and your pager, obviously. But wearing a watch can add to your style and allow you to show off your personality without looking desperate wearing some goofy hat or obnoxiously loud shirt.

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That said, we all aren’t able to drop bundles of cash on something like a wristwatch — but that doesn’t mean we can find a cool and stylish timepiece. Whether you’re looking for something modern with Bluetooth capabilities, retro with an old-school look, or smoething classic and timeless, one of these watches should fill the void …5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50

5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50#1. Timex Men’s T49962 “Expedition Scout” Watch ($ 28 @ Amazon.com)

Simple, clean, and full of style, guys who prefer a more casual look from a well-known brand will appreciate this modern variation of the classic Timex look. You get a comfortable nylon band on this water-resistant watch (up to 165 feet) along with stylish details such as an arrow-shaped second hand, a buckle closure, and luminous hands.

5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50

5 Cool Men’s Watches Under $50#2. Luxury Bluetooth Smart Watch Wrist Wrap Watch Phone for IOS Apple iPhone ($ 40 @ Amazon.com)

Available in black, red, and white, this smartwatch allows busy guys to stay connected and online via your smartphone or tablet. All functions work with Android systems, with IOS only supporting the calendar, caller ID, calculators, passometer, clock, and stopwatch.

Of course, even if you carry an OG flip phone, the watch will still look snazzy and provide the time. Another great feature: it comes with a handy “anti-lost” alarm.

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