5 Assorted Bluetooth Speaker Options

5 Assorted Bluetooth Speaker Options#1. Classy: Fluance Fi30 Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System ($ 150 @ Amazon.com)

Encased high-quality wood, these classy speakers pull off a modern look without coming across as flashy. Plus, the acoustics are on point; the speakers utilize  interior fiber glass drivers, the volume can reach the maximum with absolute clarity. Great for a game room, living room, or home office,

5 Assorted Bluetooth Speaker Options

5 Assorted Bluetooth Speaker Options#2. Rugged: Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($ 50 @ Amazon.com)

Take it in the pool, hot tub, or kiddie pool — whereever you want to submerge this Hydra in water, it’ll play. With a rubberized exterior there is no place that isn’t safe for the speaker. Well, except on a fire. Or in a lava pit. Or under the ass cheeks of an obese person. Still, in water, so long as Jaws hasn’t decided to give up meat for electronics, you’re set. An added bonus: it’s also shock absorbent.

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