The Best Way To Grill Steak

The Best Way To Grill SteakGrilling meat — as in, actually grilling a quality cut of meat — should be part of every man’s skill set. The best way to grill steak is important, as it not only demonstrates the manly skills of the barbecue, but it turns an expensive cut of beef into fine dining. Check out this mini grill master’s handbook for your basic BBQ know-how.

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Best Ways To Stash Cash, Even On Dates

This post was sponsored by Gillette Shave Club.

Financial angst is the most common cause of stress for three out of four Americans, according to the American Psychological Association. That’s why we’d bet a pretty penny that you’re someone who worries about cash flow. Which is why we partnered with Gillette Shave Club to share a handful of simple budget tweaks that can help make an immediate impact to your bottom line:

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