2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment#1. The Complete Far Side ($ 64 for paperback @ Amazon.com)

More than 4,000 Far Side cartoons in one convenient location — your coffee table or bookcase. If you don’t laugh at Gary Larson’s Far Side comics, you have no funny bone. Period.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment#2. REMTV Boxed Set ($ 76 @ Amazon.com)

REM may have hunt it up three years ago, but their tunes live on. This six-disc set includes a bunch of rare releases, their TV performances that includes the MTV Unplugged sessions in ’91 and ’01, their VH1 Storytellers, and their intro to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in ’07. Also include: a new documentary from producers at MTV. Here’s what you get:

Disc One
Unplugged 1991
Outtakes 1991
Unplugged 2001
Outtakes 2001

Disc Two
VH1 Storytellers
Storytellers Outtakes
The Cutting Edge
MTV 10th Anniversary Special
Video Music Awards 1993
Video Music Awards 1995
European Music Awards 1998
European Music Awards 2001
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2007
The Colbert Report 2008

Disc Three
R.E.M. In Dallas
R.E.M. Uplink At Bowery Ballroom
Live In Cologne
Live In Cologne Outtakes

Disc Four
R.E.M. At The Tabernacle, London
MTV Sonic Milan
Rock AM Ring
Rock AM Ring Outtakes

Disc Five
Live At Rolling Stone, Milan
Live At Oxegen Festival
R.E.M. Live In Athens, Greece

Disc Six
Deleted Scenes

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment#3. Sons of Anarchy: The Collector’s Set Blu-ray ($ 173 @ Amazon.com)

Seasons 1-6 spread over 19 Blu-ray discs will provide plenty of binge watching to any newcomers and satisfy cravings for faithfuls of the show. There’s even a slot left available for Season 7 when it’s released.

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