10 Best Tape Measures In 2019

10 Best Tape Measures In 2019

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tradesman, hobbyist, or just someone with a drawer full of ratchet screwdrivers, hammers, and  cordless drills, the best tape measure is a vital addition to your toolbox (or tool drawer). If you need accurate measurements, the tape measure, whether it’s a digital tape measure or a classic hand-operated one is a long-trusted accessory of handymen of all levels, passions, and experiences, and no job or project, no matter how small or large, should be undertaken without one.

You may not realize it if you aren’t using one on site every day, but tape measures have evolved since you remember playing with your dad’s trusty, if a little rusty and battered, old tape measure, rattling it back into its coil and catching your fingers every single time.

Now though, they are advanced, controlled, and some of them are more high tech than you would have considered (or even thought necessary). This ensures accuracy, ease of use, and excellent performance. It’s more than just a tape measure, it’s something no one – professional or casual – should be without.

The Best Tape Measures

Stanley Tools 25-Foot by 1-Inch Tape Measure

10 Best Tape Measures In 2019

The Stanley Tools 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape is our best choice for the top tape measure around. The one-inch width ensures clear reading, and its 25-foot distance length is ample for a variety of large jobs. The chrome, high-impact ABS case is ideal for surviving the hazards of the worksite and is more durable than a metal tape measure, while the blade’s polyester coating ensures longevity.

Reliability is also prevalent, with a blade lock that guarantees zero creeping to provide accurate measurements and readings regardless of the task. And the reliability doesn’t stop there. Its corrosion resistant Tru-Zero end hook is stable and capable of gripping close or distance surfaces with ease, although, it’s not a dual hook for 360-degree measurements.

Chrome high-impact ABS case ensures durability

Mylar polyester film to extend blade lifespan

Secure blade locks prevents creeping during measurements

Corrosion resistant Tru-Zero end hook for accurate measurements

  • BrandStanley Tools
  • Model33-425
  • Weight1.12 pounds

Kutir Easy to Read 25 Foot Measure Tape Measure