10 Best Stud Finders in 2019

10 Best Stud Finders in 2019

Although certain DIY tasks seem all too easy, we never know how important it is to find a stud until you need to drill a nail into the wall for a number of reasons. For those of us who were saddled with the task of managing DIY tasks before the advent of stud finders, we all know very well that it was no easy feat and as such, finding the best stud finder out there is as important a task as ever. Whether to hang up a picture on the wall or to install your new set of kitchen units, a stud finder is a tool that will certainly come in handy. Luckily you have some great options to pick from which we have listed below.

The Best Stud Finders

ProSensor 710 Franklin Precision Stud Finder

10 Best Stud Finders in 2019

Topping our list of the best stud finder is the ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensor. This device definitely sets itself aside with its advanced multi-sense technology which can detect the wall in a number of locations all at the same time; this device has not one or two but 13 sensors which totally trumps the calibration step that other brands of stud finders mostly rely on. It also helps that it is as easy to use as they come, all you have to do is to place it on the wall and push the button, the rest is history; it is as quick to use as it is efficient.

This stud detector comes fully fitted with bright LED lights that light up when the presence of a hidden object is detected and, in most cases, the hidden objects are studs, which means that you are not playing a guessing game. In addition, this stud sensor not only points out the position of the object but identifies the width of it as a whole. It can clearly show you the centre as well as the edges of a stud and as such, it takes the stud finder game to a whole new level. Make sure you also check our guide to the best cordless drills.

Has 13 precision sensors

Possesses accurate and deep sensing

Easy to use

Can display both wood and metal

  • BrandProSensor
  • ModelProSensor 710
  • Weight9 ounces

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder