10 Best Electric Chainsaws In 2019

10 Best Electric Chainsaws In 2019

Do you have the urge to make like a lumberjack but don’t need a full-on gasoline-guzzling chainsaw for the wood-cutting chores around your homestead? Then check out our best electric chainsaw review to get your wood-cutting fix. Easier to use and without leaving that distinctive gasoline smell wherever you take it, the electric chainsaw will make the cut for most domestic jobs such as landscaping, trimming, sawing logs and cutting down smaller trees. Plus, they are easier to use and maintain.

OK, they may not have the forest-felling power of a gas-powered monster, but the electric chainsaw is a fantastic wood-cutting go-to for the home tool store. But with a wide choice of both corded and cordless models out there, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when choosing the right one for you. To help you decide, we’ve looked at what we think are currently the 10 best electric chainsaws you can buy.

The Best Electric Chainsaws

Worx 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

10 Best Electric Chainsaws In 2019

The Worx  electric chainsaw has a 14.5A motor and 16-inch bar offering an impressive performance when it comes to cutting and small tree felling. For less than $ 100, you get a machine that feels much more expensive, and it comes with a decent amount of spec so good for home use. It has an auto-tension system to prevent the chain overtightening plus a low kickbar and built-in chain brake for extra safety. Plus, there’s automatic oil lubrication and a good-sized oil reservoir to keep the action smooth. Robust and lightweight, the Worx is easy to handle, making it ideal for beginners and everyday domestic use. One of the best corded chainsaws currently out there, the Worx also easily scoops our Best Choice title.

16-in bar and 14.5amp motor

Patented auto-tension chain system

Low kickbar and built-in chain brake

Automatic oil lubrication

  • BrandWorx
  • ModelWG303.1
  • Weight11 pounds

Delivers a consistent cutting performance

Lightweight and easy to use – great for everyday use

Comes with a three-year warranty


Corded so limited to the length of the power cable

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Electric Chainsaw